How to Find the IMEI Number of Huawei U8100

Do you want to check the IMEI number of your Huawei U8100, but you can’t find the IMEI number?.

If yes, then you are reading the correct guide. In this guide, we’ve shared more than five methods! that you can use to find the IMEI number of your Huawei U8100.

Before we get started, let’s first understand what an IMEI number is?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. IMEI number is a unique identifier of devices. Usually, devices with a SIM have an IMEI number. It is a 15-digit number that identifies your phone.

Let’s stop talking about tech definitions and try to understand why IMEI is important to an average consumer like you and me.

IMEI number is used in several ways, such as –

  • To find the manufacturer and the model number of your smartphone
  • To verify you as the owner of the device in case of theft
  • In phone trade-in(exchange)

Now that we know the basics of an IMEI number let’s check how to find the IMEI number of your phone.

You can use methods four, five, and six if you don’t have your Huawei U8100 with you anymore. These methods are beneficial if you lose your Huawei U8100 or your phone is stolen.

Method 1 – Find the IMEI number by Dialing a Code

You can check your IMEI number by dialing a code on your Huawei U8100. This method is very easy, and it works on almost every mobile phone.

Find Huawei U8100 IMEI number by Dialing a Code

  1. Launch the phone app from your phone’s home screen.
  2. Click on the dial pad icon right above the contacts menu.
  3. Now, dial-up *#06# in your Huawei U8100.
  4. A dialog box will appear with the IMEI number of your Huawei U8100.
  5. Please tap on the IMEI number to copy it to your phone’s clipboard.

Method 2 – Find Huawei U8100’s IMEI number from Settings App

This is the second method to check the IMEI number of Huawei U8100 using the settings app. This might not work if your device is running a very old version of Android.

Finding Huawei U8100 IMEI number from Settings App

  1. Navigate to Huawei U8100 Settings > About phone.
  2. If you don’t see the IMEI number, then tap on Status inside About phone.
  3. Here you will find the device’s details, including the IMEI number.

Method 3 – Find the IMEI number on Huawei U8100’s SIM Card Tray

This method is helpful when your Huawei U8100 doesn’t boot up.

  1. Power off your Huawei U8100. If you have a case installed, remove it.
  2. Now, find the SIM card tray of your Huawei U8100.
  3. Insert the SIM ejection tool and gently push until the tray pops out.
  4. You can see the IMEI number, located either at the top of the SIM card holder or along the side.
  5. If you can’t see, use any other smartphone to take a picture and zoom in.

Note: There is a possibility that you’re phone’s SIM tray does not have an IMEI number printed over it. If this is the case, then use the other methods.

Method 4 – Find Huawei U8100’s IMEI number from the box

All smartphones boxes contain details like the model, storage variant, serial number, and IMEI number. So we can use this to find the IMEI number of your Huawei U8100.

If you don’t have your phone’s box anymore, don’t worry; use the 5th method.

Huawei U8100 IMEI number in the phone’s box

  1. Find the box your Huawei U8100 came in.
  2. Search for the sticker containing the details of your phone.
  3. Look for the IMEI Number.

Method 5 – Find Huawei U8100’s IMEI number with Google Find My Device

When you sign in to an Android device with Google Account, Google starts tracking it. It’s not as good as Apple’s find my phone.

It logs your phone’s IMEI number, which we can see if you have access to the Google Account.

Huawei U8100 IMEI number in Google Find My Device

  1. Head over to this link if you’re on a computer, or download this app from the Google Play Store if you have got a smartphone with you.
  2. If you’re not already logged in, log in to the Google Account you used on your Huawei U8100.
  3. Click on the “I” button, and you will see the IMEI number of your phone.

Method 6 – Find the IMEI number of Huawei U8100’s from the invoice

This method might not work for everyone. But what’s wrong with trying once.

  1. Try to remember the store you bought your device.
  2. E.g., I bought my Huawei U8100 from Amazon, so log in to the Amazon account you used to buy it.
  3. Go to the orders section, search for your device, download the invoice, and find the IMEI number in the invoice.

Method 7 - Finding the IMEI number of Huawei U8100 from the carrier

If you bought your Huawei U8100 from a carrier like Verizon or AT&T, you can call them and ask for the IMEI number of your device.

About Huawei U8100

U8100 is a device from Huawei, launched on 2010, July with Android 2.1. The Huawei U8100 features a processor with   and microSDHC slot. In addition, it has a 2.8" Screen with a resolution of 240x320 pixels.

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